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Shower Pearls

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When Shower PearlsTM are out of stock, please send an email to with your fragrance preference, and you will be placed on the waitlist. Dulagro will contact you once available. Yes, men and women use our Shower PearlsTM sponge blue balls!





Shower PearlsTM  have a soap layer on each sponge that will wash away after a few uses. Pour Body Wash on pearls after soap layer has diminished.

Dulagro’s unique strand of Shower PearlsTM is worn under each arm or in a variety of ways while showering. The rich, creamy, revitalizing lather helps to improve skin tone, and promotes healthy looking skin while soothing, cleansing, hydrating and softening. Simply grab a few pearls for a massage or gently glide the pearls across your body-front, back, under, and in between (Oh did we say that)!

10 oz Body Wash included. 

Formulated from nature.

Results may vary.


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