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For choosing Dulagro's Candle Cream (CC) that burns decadent fragrances up to 45 hours. Use the warm oil to gently massage into your skin creating a smooth, soft texture. Our amazing blend helps moisturize your skin and you never have to leave even a small amount in your candle jar-use it as a cream! Candle, Cream, Massage Oil - oh the choices! Relax and Rejuvenate your skin with a candle.

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Thank You!

Thank You!

For choosing Dulagro's Enhancement Cream formulated to help maintain and bring back the youthfulness of your breast and buttocks. The herb infused cream also helps restore moisture to dry, dull skin leaving your skin feeling softer and firmer while the delicate blend of fragrances is quite alluring. Our Mud Butter is also an amazing plant-based body cream that helps nourish your skin with essential oils and exotic butters.

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Dulagro’s unique strand of sponge Shower Pearls, and Body Cleansers.

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Helps nourish skin conditions caused by rashes, acne, and eczema. Fresh, minty yet sharp, woodsy scent with a herbal, gritty texture. Made with Essential Oil.

Watch the vitamin enriched mud slowly melt to help lubricate your skin. You don't have to use lab created concotions to have great skin!

7.1 oz of nourishing Mud ButterTM

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Help hydrate and restore your skin with our creamy, plant-based Mud ButterTM. Promotes skin nourishment and an even skin tone with a subtle, citrus scent of Essential Oils. Your skin will love the exotic butters!

Watch the vitamin enriched mud lusciously melt helping to silken and soften your skin. You don't have to use lab created concotions to have great skin! 

7.1 oz of nourishing Mud ButterTM

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Quintessential lavender with a creamy blend of lemon and soft hints of vanilla. 8 oz, compared to 2 oz from many manufacturers. 

main_product_1688973361355.png main_product_1688973361355.png

No Fragrances. Puure earthy herbal aroma. 8 oz, compared to 2 oz from many manufacturers.

main_product_1688973290499.png main_product_1688973290499.png

Floral, woodsy with a fruity bottom creating a hypnotic sensual blend. 8 oz, compared to 2 oz from many manufacturers.

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Dulagro’s unique strand of cleansing, sponge Shower Pearls are worn during showers to cleanse and massage with a rich lather.

sub_category_1697315066785.png sub_category_1697315066785.png

Helps to improve skin tone, promotes healthy looking skin while soothing, cleansing, hydrating and softening with a rich, bubbly, revitalizing lather.

3.2 oz arcadian plant-based bar

sub_category_1697310692808.png sub_category_1697310692808.png

Choose three 3.2 oz arcadian bars to help to improve skin tone, promote healthy looking skin while soothing, cleansing, hydrating and softening with a rich, bubbly, revitalizing lather. 

3.2 oz arcadian plant-based bars, 3-Pack

sub_category_1693308316493.jpg sub_category_1693308316493.jpg

Our hydrating, cleansing, creamy lathering, amazingly scented body wash was formulated from mostly age defying, natural ingredients to help your skin feel soft and smooth. So refreshing you'll never want your shower to end!

10 oz  (295 ml)

sub_category_1685966948235.jpg sub_category_1685966948235.jpg

Dulagro's amazing soap formula in a one-time use size. Use one wafer in the shower or while bathing, and not worry about setting a used bar on the countertop. Each wafer is sized for up to a 5-minute eco-friendly shower. If you like extra-long showers or baths, just use more than one! Our wafers are available in all of the soap bar fragrances. 

The wafers are great for guest or maybe just for you and only you to enjoy!

main_product_1704120186210.png main_product_1704120186210.png

What a classic clean blend of Southwestern, woodsy, warm vanilla, with spicy, earthy top notes.

main_product_1697389243521.png main_product_1697389243521.png

Sweet, creamy and simply decadent! Warm caramelized sugar and rich vanilla custard combined with fresh lemon zest.

main_product_1697145705121.jpg main_product_1697145705121.jpg

Vanilla and woody, smooth eucalyptus, with fresh coconut. Hmmmmmmm! Never leave even a small amount in your candle jar-use as a Body Cream!

main_product_1697307898972.jpg main_product_1697307898972.jpg

The perfect classic combination of sweet and spicy yet calming with the essence of femininity. Soft notes of creamy vanilla without being overpowering. Also, use as an Enhancement Cream!

main_product_1697308382416.png main_product_1697308382416.png

Welcome to our French garden filled with spicy florals and fresh fruits with a sweet vanilla base, yet somewhat musky. Never leave even a small amount in your candle jar-use as a Body Cream!

main_product_1697308888171.png main_product_1697308888171.png

Fragrant, complex yet exotic tropical misty forest blend with notes of roses with a smooth herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint. Also, use as a Body Cream! 

main_product_1697307855172.jpg main_product_1697307855172.jpg

A lush, sweet musk with notes of bergamot and clovers. Clean, exotical fragrance. Never leave even a small amount in your candle jar-use as a Body Cream! 


Just a Few of Our Herbs

Indian Gooseberries are high in antioxidant Vitamin C helping to induce collagen production in your skin which increases firmness and softness. Additionally, Amla studies have shown it to address hyperpigmentation, fight aging, and serves to protect your skin from environmental stresses all while hydrating your skin giving it that natural glow.
Blue Flax
Blue Flax is filled with antioxidants and fatty acids helping in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. Blue Flax helps with skin tightening and sagging of your skin.
Wild Yam
Helps with aging skin by potentially decreasing the loss of collagen and reducing inflammation all while keeping your skin looking fresh.

" Grow It. Infuse It. Use It. Love It. "